Life is not all about health and medicines for elders. They do need recreation though their recreational activities would have evolved more into spirituality and family functions. NRI Assistance ensures that right from movie booking, concierge, to arranging family functions as a part of event management. It might be a Diwali function, Golu, X-mas decorations, or any other religious celebration our team aims to provide the best to bring a smile on our clients’ faces. A good successful pilgrimage needs good travel arrangements, lively and supportive accompaniment, and a feeling of safety throughout the journey. When our clients come back home, we wanted them to carry happy memories. A team from NRI Assistance will supervise and get this done by working with appropriate agencies and our family manager will be accompanied with the family during their journey to take up this responsibility.

Our Services

    • Recommend interesting entertainment options
    • Book options chosen by customer
    • Ticket booking, visa, passport services
    • Manage cancellation (if needed)