While leaving abroad, one might have a house that they would like to rent or simply put under complete maintenance. We assist you in ensuring prompt collection of rents, other bills, and proper house maintenance. Timely images and videos are shared with the clients on the status of their properties. We also do services in finding out the right tenants with background verification to ensure no inappropriate activities that go around leading to untoward incidents. For vacant lands, we do a timely check-up on whether there are any encroachments; we ensure that the land is properly secured with fences and provide timely update to the owners on the current market trends, prices and development. NRI Assistance can take care of all taxes related to property and ensure that nothing is being missed out. Along with it, we do building maintenance including electrical, plumbing, masonry, gardening, pest control, etc.

Our Services

    • Asset management
    • Rental collection
    • Periodical maintenance of the assets
    • Lease Liasoning