Our motto of NRI Assistance is to provide service on behalf of NRIs to their families in terms of various assistances that might come up in India such as, to name a few, attending to their families emergency needs, health care assistance, homecare assistance, taking care of their elders, providing a moral support, if need be financial management, supervision of their stakeholders, families and properties. We are acting as a trustworthy and reliable bridge between you and your loved ones in India to act and serve as per your requirements.

In today’s world when moving to a different country for various reasons has one hitch, i.e., leaving behind the family, the assets, and of course the sweet memories of your motherland. Apart from that, there would be a lot of things that needs to be attended to back in India whereas it is not practically/economically feasible to make frequent travels back and forth to get your requirements fulfilled in India while we – NRI Assistance – are here for you.

NRI Assistance team’s primary work is to provide superior services to our customers thereby fulfilling and satisfying with utmost quality through a seamless customer experience by acting as a liaison with our service partners. We choose the best of service partners and ensure that professional service is rendered to our clients. We act on behalf of the NRIs and we are not limited only to home care, health care for their parents and/or siblings, but in general, any requirement that might arise, be it acting on behalf of YOU with government officials, rent collection, event arrangement, travel booking or anything, purchase assistance, etc., that you might think of in today’s world.


To be an extended family of NRIs to function in India.


To become a reputable and trustworthy leader in performing services in India to NRIs across the globe.

Core Values

  • Client First: NRI Assistance would be working along with multiple service partners to get the clients’ requirements satisfactorily fulfilled. The clients and their requirements would be the top most priority amongst our service partners and the respectable stakeholders
  • Integrity: NRI Assistance would be transparent to the clients with respect to the approaches and efforts in meeting their requirement
  • Data Security: Data confidentiality and adherence to nondisclosure towards any entity apart from legal
  • Part of Family: NRI Assistance considers the on-boarded client’s family as our family