Life begins at 60. Before that people were part of cogwheels in running the family and society successfully. With children flying out of their native cities as they want to spread their wings and fly, we would like them not to worry on their parents who gave those wings. NRI-A works with reputed agencies to get the elderly people nursing care, attender and to take care of their emergency needs. We do concierge them to hospitals, diagnostic centers and other medical facilities as per their needs.

Our Services

    • Annual physical exam assistance
    • Arrangement for diagnostic studies
    • Arranging doctor appointments
    • Concierge patients to and fro the centre and home
    • Liasioning with hospital staff during admission to ensure needs are met
    • Medication schedule reminders
    • Assistance on home therapists visit
    • Min vs mod vs max assist based on elders’ condition on nursing care
    • Assessment/assistance on home nursing needs with background verification
    • Monitoring home nurse’s efficiency and performance
    • 24 x 7 customer care contact and services
    • Weekly visit by NRI Assistance staff to ensure client satisfaction